Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Spring Posh Paper!

So the new Spring posh paper is out, lots of new items, some items going away. If you've been interested in trying Perfectly Posh, now is the time. Just click the link to the right of the blog and either checkout my Posh page, my twitter, or my facebook.

The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I've been busy trying to get a few samples ready for an upcoming event in Nashville, as well as starting to do some networking. Getting close to ordering some car magnets to get some advertising done, and really need to stop neglecting this blog. I'm awful with keeping up with these things, I'm sorry.

I've completely replaced all of my old skincare products with Perfectly Posh, and though I have a couple breakouts, I am sure it's a transition thing. Once my skin adjusts, I should have no problems. It's been about 2 weeks, so any day now this last zit should vanish. My husband loves the Chatter Chunk in the bathroom... I catch him using it instead of his Axe now haha. I can't wait to get him the Gender Bender coal chunk.

Anyhow, not much else going on. In the process of getting ready for a wedding in December for my best friend, and then have to take day trip South to visit my dad sometime this summer-ish or sooner, we shall see. Going to step it up.

2014 will be a great year!

If you have any questions about Posh, or are curious, feel free to go to or and send me a message :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Busy Busy!

It's been a busy couple weeks, oh myyy!

I had my launch party last week. It was super cold! Had a few people stop by and fall in love with Perfectly Posh, it was awesome! I recently tried out a few other products, which I am not torn between favorite scents. If you like citrus, then Sassyooma is the scent for you! If you like clean, fresh scents, then you should try Shameless Flirt.

Something I am unsure if I have mentioned about Perfectly Posh... Not only are our products Made in the USA - yes really! But they are cruelty free! And we even have vegan approved products (I double checked, there are none of those hidden items to get around vegan standards)... Here's the list of vegan approved products.

If you have any questions about these products, or if you are having issues seeing the product names, please email me at or go to where you can view the products individually as well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shop Posh For Your Sweetie!

So Perfectly Posh has a couple sets right now that are perfect for Valentine's Day- yes it is almost here...

What lady would not appreciate a sensual massage?
Valentines Day or any day of the year!

Sow your man you care about his face!

Don't be left waiting til the last minute! Oh you already got her/him something? Who said you should settle for only showing you care with 1 item or on only 1 day? Pick up one of these sets for a "just because I love you" day. Go to to buy a set now.

And remember! Spend over $100, get free shipping!!!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Props, Orders, and Specials... oh my!

A few milestones I want to share.

I am 3 days away from my 15 day Posh... I've completed 12 days of training, but am $15 away from the $200 in sales to get my 15 day gift. 

I am 18 days and $415 away from my 30 day props. In the first 30 days we have a goal to have $500 in total sales. If we achieve this, we get credit towards business supplies and a special pin :)

I have posted an event that will be open until January 18th, 2014. In an effort to get my 30 day props, I have created an event on my website, . Click on the link below and it will take you straight to the party. Please share this event with your friends...

If we can get the goal of $415, two people will win a Chunk Bar ($9 value per bar) 
If we get to an order total of $600 or more before tax, everyone's shipping is waived... 

My 30 day Props Event

Don't forget! 

What kind of specials would you like to see on future orders? Leave your comments below. 

PS: I think I forgot to mention... I'm trying to earn a trip to Palmetto Bluff, SC... but have to make these 30 day props to get there... Who's gonna help me by placing an order this week? Can't wait to give away some chunk bars!

What is Perfectly Posh?

Okay, so you opened this blog, and you remember seeing a picture of some stuff, and I told you it was lotions and such, but you still are scratching your head asking, "What in the world is Perfectly Posh?"

Perfectly Posh is a direct sales line of pampering and skin care products... we offer things like Hand cream, Lib scrubs, mud masks, sugar scrubs, pedicure items, etc...

We pride ourselves in being able to assure every customer:

 -  We're paraben-free and paraffin-free
  -  We're free of sulfates including SLS  
  -  We use the highest-quality essential oils and fine phthalate-free fragrances
  -  We're very natural and consequently gentle:  read our labels please!
  -  We use natural enzymes and gently moisturizing vitamin E to preserve the life and look of our fun pampering products
  -  We're cruelty-free and do not test on animals! 

Perfectly Posh also offers a 'Plain Posh' line which is fragrance and dye free. We even have some Vegan products! Ingredients for every item is listed not only on the Perfectly Posh website, but in the Posh Paper (catalog) which is made from recycled material, but also on every product! In the Posh Paper and our website, every item has a letter/code next to it, indicating if it is vegan, fragrance free, made with essential oils, etc.

I find it hard not to stand behind a company, and brand, that does everything it can to provide all this information up front to it's customers... It's like pulling teeth to get the ingredients of a meat patty from the local burger joint.

Also, Perfectly Posh has amazing specials that we run constantly...

1) Almost every item is $25 or less. The only exception of gift sets/packages. Recently we had a $49 bundle, it had 6 products in it though...

2) Spend $100 or more and get free shipping on an individual order. Party orders are $4 per person, unless the order is over $600, then everyone gets free shipping.

Now this month, I have specials of my own to offer :)

But you'll have to check out my next post to see the details.

Oooooh Shiny!


      Yes, My Perfectly Posh starter kit arrived on January 9th, 2014... Minus a couple items which ARE on their way. I got 2 of the 'Tree Hugger" body scrubs, 2 of the 'Lemon Rice' body slather (body butter), 2 of the BFY (Big Fat Yummy) hand creams, 2 'Chatter' chunks (really big bars of soap), 2 'Healing' skin sticks, 2 pks of bath salts, 2 'BFF' face wash, 2 bottles of skin primer... PLUS I'll be getting 2 'Rubbie Scrubbies' for feet/pedicures. I also got a nice Posh tote, stickers for samples, Posh papers (catalogs) a car decal ( think about the size of a hand, maybe a tad bigger), some blank business cards (I printed my info on address labels and stuck them on), a folder, order forms, invitations, and a pin. I also ordered a hat and more business cards which came a day later...   As you can see, that is A LOT of stuff for $99! 

      I spent the next day after receiving these making samples. Finally got my printer hooked up to print out labels as well. Yesterday I finished labeling my business cards and began sending samples to work with my husband. He knew a few ladies who might enjoy the products. 

I've also got my reference binder and hostess packets started, and I picked up a few items to put into gift bags for my hostesses. My official launch party date is January 20th... Then on the 25th I was hosting a pampering sleepover party, but that didn't pan out so now me and a couple friends are just gonna pamper ourselves and make a night of it. I am excited, it's going to be an awesome week! And I've already placed my next order for samples and gifts. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1

           Yep! on January 1st 2014 I began a new journey.... with Perfectly Posh. This blog is not only about my journey with them, but so that you experience the awesomeness that is posh right there with me!

           Why the name 'Poshing Awesome' you may ask? It's the first thought that came to mind the moment I bought my starter kit.  I looked over at my husband and said "Oh this is so poshing awesome!" And from that point on, it stuck with me.

            So first about me... I'm 32 years old, married, with 2 cats (yes I include the cats because those are my children). I currently work full-time from home, and have been active with Perfectly Posh for exactly 11 days as of today (January 12th). I have worked two previous direct sales companies, one I left by choice because I could not see how anyone could ever make money with a points system... and the other one just recently went out of business... which is how I found Posh.

         I met this lovely woman on a forum and she mailed me some samples. I opened and tried all of them immediately and loved each one. I exerted some self control and forced myself to wait until the new year before signing up. I tend to make a lot of decisions on a whim.This one just felt completely right for me, but I wanted 2014 to start off fresh. New business, new daily routine (which I am still working on), new outlook.

       So... I really look forward to this blog.  My next post will have my new kit, and some details of my first week as a new consultant once I get it.

Follow me :) And don't forget to check out to check out Perfectly Posh... as well as following Poshing Awesome on Facebook/twitter!  Posh out ;)