Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1

           Yep! on January 1st 2014 I began a new journey.... with Perfectly Posh. This blog is not only about my journey with them, but so that you experience the awesomeness that is posh right there with me!

           Why the name 'Poshing Awesome' you may ask? It's the first thought that came to mind the moment I bought my starter kit.  I looked over at my husband and said "Oh this is so poshing awesome!" And from that point on, it stuck with me.

            So first about me... I'm 32 years old, married, with 2 cats (yes I include the cats because those are my children). I currently work full-time from home, and have been active with Perfectly Posh for exactly 11 days as of today (January 12th). I have worked two previous direct sales companies, one I left by choice because I could not see how anyone could ever make money with a points system... and the other one just recently went out of business... which is how I found Posh.

         I met this lovely woman on a forum and she mailed me some samples. I opened and tried all of them immediately and loved each one. I exerted some self control and forced myself to wait until the new year before signing up. I tend to make a lot of decisions on a whim.This one just felt completely right for me, but I wanted 2014 to start off fresh. New business, new daily routine (which I am still working on), new outlook.

       So... I really look forward to this blog.  My next post will have my new kit, and some details of my first week as a new consultant once I get it.

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