Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oooooh Shiny!


      Yes, My Perfectly Posh starter kit arrived on January 9th, 2014... Minus a couple items which ARE on their way. I got 2 of the 'Tree Hugger" body scrubs, 2 of the 'Lemon Rice' body slather (body butter), 2 of the BFY (Big Fat Yummy) hand creams, 2 'Chatter' chunks (really big bars of soap), 2 'Healing' skin sticks, 2 pks of bath salts, 2 'BFF' face wash, 2 bottles of skin primer... PLUS I'll be getting 2 'Rubbie Scrubbies' for feet/pedicures. I also got a nice Posh tote, stickers for samples, Posh papers (catalogs) a car decal ( think about the size of a hand, maybe a tad bigger), some blank business cards (I printed my info on address labels and stuck them on), a folder, order forms, invitations, and a pin. I also ordered a hat and more business cards which came a day later...   As you can see, that is A LOT of stuff for $99! 

      I spent the next day after receiving these making samples. Finally got my printer hooked up to print out labels as well. Yesterday I finished labeling my business cards and began sending samples to work with my husband. He knew a few ladies who might enjoy the products. 

I've also got my reference binder and hostess packets started, and I picked up a few items to put into gift bags for my hostesses. My official launch party date is January 20th... Then on the 25th I was hosting a pampering sleepover party, but that didn't pan out so now me and a couple friends are just gonna pamper ourselves and make a night of it. I am excited, it's going to be an awesome week! And I've already placed my next order for samples and gifts. 

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