Sunday, January 12, 2014

What is Perfectly Posh?

Okay, so you opened this blog, and you remember seeing a picture of some stuff, and I told you it was lotions and such, but you still are scratching your head asking, "What in the world is Perfectly Posh?"

Perfectly Posh is a direct sales line of pampering and skin care products... we offer things like Hand cream, Lib scrubs, mud masks, sugar scrubs, pedicure items, etc...

We pride ourselves in being able to assure every customer:

 -  We're paraben-free and paraffin-free
  -  We're free of sulfates including SLS  
  -  We use the highest-quality essential oils and fine phthalate-free fragrances
  -  We're very natural and consequently gentle:  read our labels please!
  -  We use natural enzymes and gently moisturizing vitamin E to preserve the life and look of our fun pampering products
  -  We're cruelty-free and do not test on animals! 

Perfectly Posh also offers a 'Plain Posh' line which is fragrance and dye free. We even have some Vegan products! Ingredients for every item is listed not only on the Perfectly Posh website, but in the Posh Paper (catalog) which is made from recycled material, but also on every product! In the Posh Paper and our website, every item has a letter/code next to it, indicating if it is vegan, fragrance free, made with essential oils, etc.

I find it hard not to stand behind a company, and brand, that does everything it can to provide all this information up front to it's customers... It's like pulling teeth to get the ingredients of a meat patty from the local burger joint.

Also, Perfectly Posh has amazing specials that we run constantly...

1) Almost every item is $25 or less. The only exception of gift sets/packages. Recently we had a $49 bundle, it had 6 products in it though...

2) Spend $100 or more and get free shipping on an individual order. Party orders are $4 per person, unless the order is over $600, then everyone gets free shipping.

Now this month, I have specials of my own to offer :)

But you'll have to check out my next post to see the details.

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